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The Crazy Cave


I woke up today unprepared. But I knew I could wing it. And I knew there would be painting for history, which I knew would make the kids excited. Cave painting (per Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World Book One Activity Book) would be at 10:30, and I would be a hero. Who says it’s not worth doing projects when you homeschool?!?

At 10:30, we gathered together to rehash what we’ve been learning about nomads. I couldn’t wait to bust out the surprise activity.

But it was my daughter who “busted it out” first.

As we were discussing life for the nomads and cave dwellers, I turned in time to see my daughter dump terra cotta colored acrylic paint in a puddle on our white-ish carpet.

Dear toddler girl, this ain’t no cave.

By the end of the “history hour,” we had painted our cave paintings. We had also painted the carpet, three shirts, one pair of shorts, the sidewalk, the front porch, and a small section of the house. I could have guessed the shorts would get paint on them. (They were worn by my six-year-old who could figure out how to make a mess with an ice cube in a bathtub.) And my husband had been meaning to paint the house. (We just gave him a head start.)

Needless to say, we will not be painting again anytime soon. Maybe in a few….or 30….years….

As for other projects, I don’t know. My kids told me it was one of their favorite days of all time. But if you ever see me at a craft store, please stage an intervention. Or just paint my shirt and call me crazy.


A Plan to Plan (A Homeschooling Date)


Whew! We made it through another school year! It’s always such a relief to cross the school finish line and move into summer – and I daresay I look forward to it more than the kids do!

Now I get to focus on one of my favorite things about homeschooling – planning for next year. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I really love to choose curriculum and plan for upcoming years. Doesn’t everybody?

As I have been preparing to go to a homeschool conference I am very excited about attending, I made a basic planning sheet to prepare to investigate and purchase the things I will “need.” (Yes, sometimes a sharpie pen or a cute notebook is a “need!”) I thought other homeschooling mommas might find it useful, too!

I do want to add a little disclaimer: I homeschool (mostly) using the Charlotte Mason method, sprinkled with a little Classical Method here and there. But my hope with this “think sheet” was to be able to look at a few sheets and get a barebones idea of where I am headed with each kiddo. Many of these subjects we do as a family, so I plan to print a sheet and put “family” in place of a child’s name. So, for example, history will read, “See family” on each kiddo’s sheet. On the family sheet, I will spell out what we will use to teach history.

My hope is that you can print these sheets and head to a local coffee shop or to a friend’s house and plan away. What a great time to think and get excited for the upcoming year!

School Planning PDF

Happy Planning!

Just a few sites that might start the ball rolling for choosing curriculum:
Homeschool Reviews
Cathy Duffy Reviews
Simply Charlotte Mason
Ambleside Online