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The Skillet Cookie


One of my friends describes it as an oasis. I have to concur, especially after a hard day with busy kids. But let me add a disclaimer. Reading further may enlarge your hips and thighs.

One snow day a friend and I (we were teachers in a former life) decided to try to copy an idea that can be found at several restaurants. We wanted to make a cookie in a skillet and throw ice cream on top. Hot cookie, cold melty ice cream. Yum.

We seriously spent a couple of hours trying to make it work well. It was not as easy as one might guess. Spread the cookie dough? Leave it in a lump? On the stovetop? In the oven? Finally, we cracked the code. Perfect.

So I give you the (non) original idea for the “skillet cookie,” as we affectionately call it. Seriously. I have never met someone who does not love this!

First, you want to make some cookie dough according to the Nestle Toll House chocolate chips recipe. We generally make a whole batch and leave it in the fridge because we literally eat these three times a week! But a half batch would make about three of these, and each skillet is enough for two people!


Then you want to spread the dough out in an *oven safe pan,* like a small iron skillet or a nonstick that is heat safe for 400 degrees or more.

Bake at 375 for about 12-15 minutes, depending on your cookie-doneness liking. Throw on some ice cream, grab two spoons, and do a happy dance! *Be sure, though, to put a pot holder on both the handle of the skillet and underneath!