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I wanted to briefly share an idea that has been quite successful in our family in hopes that it may perhaps be helpful to you as well!

You know how sometimes it’s difficult for little people (or big people) to pay attention to sermons on Sunday mornings? We decided to try something out with our little guy. (We learned this at a conference from a speaker, Carol Barnier.) We divide a piece of paper into six or eight rectangles. Then, as we listen to the message, we take turns drawing pictures of what we hear. Easy peasy!

So I know this may not be a new or profound idea, but this has profoundly affected his (and my) retention of what we have heard in church on Sunday mornings. (And it’s a little bit fun – but don’t tell anyone we’ve been having fun in church!)

I really wanted to show you this cute picture my son drew of something that was said that he deemed so awesome it was picture worthy. But, alas, I cannot find this remarkable piece of art! (It had to do with pink shirts being manly, which isn’t exactly what we’re trying to get at in this process. But hey…now maybe he’ll wear that super cool pink shirt I bought that he gawks at when I pull it out!)

Instead, I’ll have to show you a less worthy sample. Please note…I am horrible at drawing! (Like really terrible!) If we scrapbooked the sermons, I would be in business. But, without a paper cutter, patterned paper, and embellishments, I am artistically bankrupt. (But I’m unpolished, remember?) So, here is an example of our crude (and one of our earlier) drawings.

Hope this idea can rock your Sunday mornings like it has ours!

Church Picture