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Budgeting Banks


I received some awesome vinyl from Silhouette (maker of my favorite cutting machine) to try out for a review on my blog. Their machine is way awesome! I used it to make a few fun projects:

When I received the vinyl, I had so many project ideas–but the one I was most excited to make was a budgeting bank system for my kids.

I have the Silhouette Cameo, which is super easy to use. All I had to do was choose the font I wanted to use and load the vinyl, and then it did all the work!

For this project, I used the font SNF Journaling Dots, though with Silhouette’s program you can use any font on your computer. I made the dots, peeled off the back of the vinyl, and applied the letters–super easy! (These are applied to Hubert’s Lemonade containers, which were a good excuse to drink their yummy lemonade!)


Then, for a touch of color, I added a pot holder loom loop to each one. (Ribbon would be cute, too, but these were for boys.) My husband built a cute little crate to hold them all, and now we are all ready for the kids to put their money into their separate bottles for good budgeting skills!


Silhouette is running a promotion on their machines and vinyl in case you want to check them out. To get the deals, use my promo code, UNPOLISHED.