I’m Fired!


Today I set an oven on fire.

I was cooking for a herd of college kiddos with a couple of friends at the building where my husband works. I set a stockpot of 20lbs of potatoes down and cranked that burner on high. When I looked back a minute later, the stockpot was surrounded by about two feet of flames.

One of my friends reached for the fire extinguisher. One swatted at it with a damp cloth (which we later found out was not recommended protocol). I managed to stand in the middle of the room and squeal, “Fire!”

I now know I do not respond well in crisis situations.

As we later cleaned up the mess from the debacle, I realized something.

I had unknowingly fueled that very fire.

I was being clumsy and not careful, pouring olive oil over three turkeys and, apparently, the stove. Then I set that bad boy on fire.

Isn’t that how it is sometimes as a parent? You don’t realize that you’re “adding fuel” to a fire? Maybe you go to bed too late, you focus on the wrong things, you don’t stay in God’s Word, you don’t pray through your day and your parenting decisions.

And then you combust. We yell at the kids, we make poor decisions, we act in anger and selfishness.

And we stand in the room and scream, “Fire!”

And God hears. He knows. And he cleans off the mess and the soot. Then He sets us back aright to begin again.

And I’m so glad he does.

He uses His fire extinguisher of grace on our kids and on our mess. His love covers a multitude of sins.

And I’m so grateful because I sure do have momma sins!


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