A Plan to Plan (A Homeschooling Date)


Whew! We made it through another school year! It’s always such a relief to cross the school finish line and move into summer – and I daresay I look forward to it more than the kids do!

Now I get to focus on one of my favorite things about homeschooling – planning for next year. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I really love to choose curriculum and plan for upcoming years. Doesn’t everybody?

As I have been preparing to go to a homeschool conference I am very excited about attending, I made a basic planning sheet to prepare to investigate and purchase the things I will “need.” (Yes, sometimes a sharpie pen or a cute notebook is a “need!”) I thought other homeschooling mommas might find it useful, too!

I do want to add a little disclaimer: I homeschool (mostly) using the Charlotte Mason method, sprinkled with a little Classical Method here and there. But my hope with this “think sheet” was to be able to look at a few sheets and get a barebones idea of where I am headed with each kiddo. Many of these subjects we do as a family, so I plan to print a sheet and put “family” in place of a child’s name. So, for example, history will read, “See family” on each kiddo’s sheet. On the family sheet, I will spell out what we will use to teach history.

My hope is that you can print these sheets and head to a local coffee shop or to a friend’s house and plan away. What a great time to think and get excited for the upcoming year!

School Planning PDF

Happy Planning!

Just a few sites that might start the ball rolling for choosing curriculum:
Homeschool Reviews
Cathy Duffy Reviews
Simply Charlotte Mason
Ambleside Online


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