Practical(ly) Valentine’s Day


I am a big fan of practical gifts. A friend once asked what I wanted for my birthday – and I told her a twin waterproof mattress pad for my toddler who was soon to be moving to a “big boy bed.” And, though I shouldn’t admit this, I once gave my mom a toilet for Christmas. She is not as much a fan of practical gifts as I am, so that one was definitely “better to give than to receive!”

Not only do I love practical gifts, I also love plants. I would much prefer my hubby bring home a plant with roots rather than cut flowers, and I love getting plants from others so I can think of them when I see the happy plant — provided I don’t kill it!

So this year, when our Valentine’s Day party approached, I decided I would get a package of flower seeds for each kiddo. I stapled a little (cheesy) note at the top, “’Sow’ glad you’re my friend.” I was excited to give something to kiddos that might inspire them to plant some fun flowers with their families!


Since I was busy putting the valentines together, I totally neglected to have my kids make boxes. (Actually, I loathe the making of valentines boxes for some reason.)  My creative guys decided to make their boxes out of Duplos. Perfect. I don’t have to get out the paints, and I don’t have to feel guilty when I recycle their precious creations. We can just disassemble them and go on with life!


Hope you have a good time celebrating Valentine’s Day with your little ones!


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