A Birthday Bash (or Two)


We had an eventful January with three birthdays (two of them kid birthdays) in our house. I just wanted to share a little of the fun!


For our four-year-old little guy, we had a monster birthday party. I made monster bean bags for favors that we also used for several games, including monster hot potato and monster bean bag toss. We made cupcakes with crazy icing “hair” of different shapes and colors. And with the help of some talented family members, we made fondant eyes, noses, mouths, and horns that the kids used to make their own monster cupcake faces.

Lego Collage

For our six-year-old guy, we had a Lego birthday party. I got lots of ideas for this party online. I made cupcakes with colored chocolate Lego Minifigures, we played pin-the-head-on-the-Minifigure, we guessed the number of Minifigures in a jar, and we played a version of Pictionary with Lego creations. For favors, my husband got a brilliant idea. We purchased a basic Lego kit on sale, and he made every kiddo a Lego version of their first initial to take home with them. We put them in cellophane bags and stapled a thank you note to the top. (I am so glad I married him — he thinks of things like that I would never think to do! And there is no way I would be able to make a Lego B or R!!!)

I am looking forward to being birthday-free in this house for a few months!


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