As I unbury myself from the loads of laundry piled up in front of the washer,
I am thankful that my kids have nice clothes to wear.


As I wash dishes thinking of how I will have to do it again twice more before the day is over,
I am thankful that we eat three meals every day.


As I wipe bottoms, runny noses, and tears,
I am thankful we have good health.


As I spend hours each night putting our house back in order,
I am thankful we have a comfortable house filled with so many nice things.


As I spend time, sometimes frustrated, helping my child learn a concept,
I am thankful they have sharp minds.


As I lay in bed, with guilt in my heart and worry in my mind,
I am thankful for the grace of a Savior.


As I hold my children, as I hug and kiss them, as I witness them grow,
I am thankful.


For my labor is not in vain.


So as I wash, wipe, launder, and clean,
I will choose each day to be thankful.


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