Mr. Nostril’s New Friend


They always say, “Don’t panic. Stay calm.”

But I am not the “stay calm” type. My husband is, and he wasn’t home during our “don’t panic” moment today.

I had just put in a load of laundry in the basement. I had been gone about three minutes, tops, when my three-year-old whined at me down the stairs. “Mommy! I put a wego in my nose, and it’s ‘tuck.”

Seriously? What I wanted to say was, “Why on earth would anyone do THAT?” And the next second I thought, “Now is the perfect time to freak out!”

But I did neither. I actually calmly said things like,”Let me take a look,” and, “I think I can get that out.” Those are not things I say. Those are things my husband says. I couldn’t believe my calm demeanor on the outside, when inside I was just hoping we weren’t going to be headed to the ER.

It was Academy Award style acting.

Now Mr. Nostril was indeed full of a circle-shaped, yellow, one-pronged Lego, so I thought. So I got the tweezers and gently pulled on it. To my surprise, out came a small Lego horn-like piece that had three knobs in the shape of a right angle!

Good thing I thought it was something much more minor. I am not that great of an actress.


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