If You Give a Mom a Kiss


A while back, I was lamenting the fact that I run around my house all day, bouncing from room to room like a ping pong ball, with very little to show for it. I would ask myself, “What exactly did I do all day?” It’s very much a case of Mommy Attention Deficit Disorder, which is a condition so many moms with young kids are prone to experience. We go on a mission to accomplish “this,” see “that,” and go on a mission to take care of “something else.”

This circular running around made me think of a book we’ve read a few times around here: If You Give Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. I was inspired to write a little version of my own. Maybe you will be able to identify:

If you give a mom a kiss, chances are, she’s going ask for a hug.

While she’s giving the hug, she’ll look over her your shoulder at the pile of laundry that didn’t get done the previous day, and she’ll think, “I need to fold those this morning.”

On her way to attack the mountain of whites, she’ll remember she has a soccer uniform to wash. She will go to the hamper to get out the uniform and she’ll run downstairs. She’ll start the washing machine.

While there, she will think to clean out the dryer lint. When she goes to throw it away, she’ll remember today is trash day. She’ll take out the garbage.

Coming back inside, she will be asked for a drink. She’ll get you the drink, and she’ll think about how she needs to go to the restroom. She’ll head that direction.

On her way, she will step on some Legos. She will quickly put the Legos away, while thinking about the toys she would like to donate to the local charity.

While picking up Legos, she will see the potpourri of toys that have managed to wiggle under the couch. She will swipe out the toys. In doing so, she will find the missing remote and she will put it somewhere she knows she will remember.

When she does this, she will realize that the breakfast dishes were not all cleared off the table. She will put one dish onto the counter and will see that the dishwasher needs run.

She will look for the soap. When she does this, she will feel a little tug at her leg. Looking down, she will notice that a toddler has attempted to change his own diaper.

Seeing the mess will remind her that she forgot to start the washing machine. She will add the mess to the machine, and, this time, she will remember to put the soap in and the lid down.

Once this is done, she will remember the pile of laundry upstairs. She will go in to fold it and will realize she has a few children patiently waiting for her attention.

Her heart will melt a little, and so she’ll ask for some hugs. And, chances are, if you give her some hugs, she’ll want some kisses to to with it.


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