The Spoken Word


It is an unwritten right of passage for the new parent: the day they swore would never come and, in a moment of desperation and lack of reasoning with a wee child, the words spill forth: “Because I said so.”

There are phrases we may expect to (but possibly hope not to) say to our child: “Say your prayers,” “Play nicely,” “Be kind,” “If you jumped off a bridge,” etc. But I can honestly say that, in my chaotic life, I have uttered words I never anticipated. Today was no different.

Today I said to my three-year-old little man, “No, that grasshopper cannot sit next to you as you eat your lunch.”

This joins a long list of “These are not the wise parenting words I thought I would be imparting to my offspring.”

So, I am curious. What are your instances of “Sentences you never thought needed to be said aloud?” Parenting sure has its moments, and sometimes it is so humorous to think of those precious moments when you look into your child’s eyes and say such profound truths: “It is not polite to aim our toots at others.”


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